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‎Tomasz Glaza studied at the PWSSP in Gdańsk in the painting studios of Prof. Kazimierz Śramkiewicz and Prof. Hugo Lasecki. He obtained his diploma with distinction in 1981 and received the MKiS Award. Tomasz Glaza is the author of many artistic realizations, including the design and execution of leather luminaires for bronze medals for the Holy Father John Paul II (1979), the project together with the execution of leather frames for diplomas for Honorary Citizens of the City of Gdańsk awarded by the City Council and the President of the City of Gdańsk (1991), architectural designs, interior design of houses and residences, production of furniture for yachts and motor boats Sunreef Yachts in Gdańsk, Galleon in Straszyn and for recipients from Norway: Nor-Dan, Nord-Kapp, GH, HTEP (1999-2008).


In 2016, he participated in the exhibition "Our Gdańsk" on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Glaza Expo Design Art Gallery. He took part in the exhibition of paintings "Freedom in Art" at the ECS in Gdańsk, in the exhibition "On the way" on Sobieszewo Island and at the Castle in Krokowa, as well as in 2017 in the exhibition of the Gdańsk District of ZPAP "Independent for Independence" in Toruń and others.‎

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