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Every project, no matter how small, has zero chance of survival without creative people joining forces to push things forward. We are used to this system in every commercial industry, but with the non profit sector it shines even brighter. Foundations and NGOs home in on communities and focus on doing good and encouraging positive values, prioritising these goals over financial gain. Now, with the interconnectivity that developing technologies give us, we are able to create communities worldwide, connecting with like-minds across the globe.

The Travelling Poster Community


In order to encourage this interconnectivity, we have decided that with each event that we launch, we will circulate 126 corresponding posters amidst those willing to support our project. If the poster reaches you, we encourage you to take a photo with it and get as creative as you like!

For our first project we will be supporting the Poznan animal shelter so we encourage to get your furry, feathered or scaly or eight-legged friends involved. No pets? No problem, the theme of our first event is 'Spaces of Inspiration' this is subject to personal interpretation: What inspires and motivate you? What emotions are involved? How would you define a space? 

We would love to see your photos or selfies on social media to see who our posters have reached. Feel free to tag us

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