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piotr ryszard lakomy

‎Piotr Ryszard Lakomy (1963) graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Poznań, School of Fine Arts in Poznań and received a Diploma in Graphic Design from Prof. Waldemar Swierzy (1996).‎


"Graphics is a profession but also a passion. Like a stain in a painting, a line fills the graphic space. The whole arsenal of means of expression allows you to create an extraordinary world in which black is tearfully intertwined with the white background. The story of man is my way of expressing the fully portrayed character; successes, professional achievements, desires and dreams, mainly those not realized, constitute the background of the portrait."

"Painting fulfills an extremely important function in my work. It provides maximum satisfaction, but mainly it teaches humility. It is a world to which we escape in search of the absolute; a space in which we can discover living, real beauty."

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