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‎She was born on March 18, 1978 (zodiacal Fish) in Janów Podlaski. ‎
‎She studied first biology and environmental protection at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Lublin (2002), then art history at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw (2013) and graphics at the Faculty of Arts of the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin (2014). ‎
‎She creates and lives in Janów Podlaski, in the Landscape Park "Podlaski Przełom Bugu".

‎She has completed over 20 individual exhibitions (2004-2017) also taking part in 8 group exhibitions. She participated in over 5 nationwide painting plein-airs. In recognition of her creative work, she was awarded the title of Artist of the Month at the European TouchofArt Gallery. Her works have been exhibited in Polish and European private and state galleries. ‎
‎Painter, illustrator, lover of the artistic concept "ut pictura poesis". The works show that she uses her own technique (feather, ink, watercolour, pastel), as well as graphics and oil painting. ‎
‎Her creative work is particularly distinguished by painting on specially prepared rustic boards.‎

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