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‎A graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Poznań and the State Higher School‎

‎ of Fine Arts / now University of Arts /, which he graduated from‎ with

‎two diplomas with distinction.‎


‎Initially, the artist created graphics - mainly copperplate engravings and etchings and drawings‎ and wall frescoes, later projects: illustrations of books, magazines, posters,‎ advertising, to focus on oil painting in the second half of the 90s. Numerous‎ artistic travels from this period and personal contact with those significant for culture‎ works of art allowed him to develop his own way of perceiving the world art, and thus creating your own, original style.‎


‎Over the course of several years, the artist has created several hundred oil paintings, which in‎ most of them – he placed in thematic cycles, such as: "Nocturnes", "Between‎ white and black", "Masks", "Fashion", "Judith and Salome", "Ariadne", Casus‎ Mirus", "Arte Factum"... and the latest "Pandora".‎


‎In the works of Karol Bąk, the dominant figure is a woman who is surrounded by a mysterious‎ a world of illusory spaces. The characters are beautiful and sensual, they arouse admiration,‎ sometimes anxiety and melancholy. In Femininity she searches for Truth, Goodness, Beauty,‎ but also through metaphor it shows contemporary fears and hopes. Works‎ artists are distinguished by outstanding colors, extraordinary realism of the characters and‎ they fascinate with an aura of unfathomable mystery. Together with an excellent workshop,‎ the artist's works are highly valued in the international art arena‎ contemporary.‎


‎Winner of awards in Poland and abroad. Awarded "Merit for Culture"‎

‎Polish" by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2018.‎

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