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katarzyna szurkowska

‎Szurkowska is a painter, interior designer and graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. ‎
‎Painting is not only her great passion but also a celebration of life. ‎
‎Art without emotions and expression does not exist for her.

‎She marks her canvas with her memories, experiences, dreams, thoughts and feelings and 
creates images that play out between abstraction and the figurative world. ‎
‎Through colour, she releases energy and shows its own point of view. She paints what she feels, what she sees‎, what is not there. She is inspired by the diversity of nature, the beauty of the places where she has been and the people she meets. With‎ great enthusiasm, in addition to painting, she deals with the construction of wooden circus carts. She views both occupations as a journey into oneself, giving freedom and space.‎

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