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Artist, painter, sculptor and designer of murals, graffiti and installations. Joanna Buszko studied in 1999-2004, graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Faculty of UMCS in Lublin with a diploma in sculpture in the studio of Professor Sławomir Mieleszko in 2004.
Currently, Buszko focuses on creating images. Her works are the result of the search for new forms of expression: from contrasting, graphic, unambiguous in colors, to delicate, in which onirism mixes with transience, and realism with hypnosis. In her work, the artist undertakes various painting techniques and is constantly looking for new media. In addition to the classic canvas, she also paints on boards, wall plasters and raw walls, giving them an often ambiguous character and abstract structure. Most of the works are in private collections.

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