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Ilona Herc_edited.jpg


‎The work of Ilona Herc is a discovery of the secrets of the surrounding world with childlike delight, intimacy and concentration. From the point of view of form, it is realistic painting, but often the figure of a child is placed in abstract spaces, pastel, bright planes. These mutual relations create an atmosphere full of poetics, discovering new secrets that turn into an endless magical journey. The artist's painting is like notes from the life of a child, observing and exploring  the immensity of mysterious spaces with an uncontaminated sensitivity. It is an adventure and an encounter with what is new and unknown, only to be determined, to emerge from the abstract background space of the image.


In Herc's works you can feel the childlike joy of learning about new sensations, new discoveries, things small and great, unusual and quite ordinary. The images are like moments stopped in the frame, filled with silence and reflection, because only in silence can you find answers to the questions that are yet to be asked. It's writing down fleeting things, it's searching for and discovering transient emotional states.‎

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