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‎Ewa Jasek - a painter whose painting refers to the best traditions of the genre, bringing her own means of expression. In her painting, Ewa Jasek spectacularly combines several styles, giving the viewer a new value at the highest level. It draws from the classics and contemporary, building on foundations but going beyond the schemes. ‎‎The artist's latest works seem to be definitely in the current of tenebrianism with a daring combination of fantasy and realism. ‎


‎A graduate of PLSP, PWSSP in Poznań, for whom painting has become the most important means of artistic expression, she is also a cultural animator, organizer of workshops, curator of painting plein-airs and exhibitions. Parallel to her artistic work, for many years she ran the School of Young Talents, and artistic classes in Cultural Centers. She is the author of a reconstruction of the painting "Ecce homo" by Anthon van Dyck, lost during World War II. The artist's achievements include numerous individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.‎

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